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Cirillo Air Conditioning are proud to announce we are the Riverina stockiest of Airclean Filters.

AirClean Filters are setting a new standard for high efficiency air-conditioning filters for ducted reverse cycle systems & ducted heating systems. These are designed to block out tiny particles that can cause harmful bacteria within the system, which can lead to unwanted allergens. Airclean Filters also help in the reduction of pollen, dust mites, lint duct, mould spores, carpet fibres, virus carriers and pet dander in your home or workplace.

Today, traditional washable filters are still being used without giving it much thought as to the damage it can cause to you and your family’s health – and not to mention the serious damage it can bring to your air-conditioning system. These harmful effects can be prevented by replacing your filters instead, with one of our key features being a disposable filter. Other benefits the AirClean filters offer are:

For Your HealthFor Your System
Catches more pollutants, large and smallEnergy saving, fan motors and compressor will not have to work as hard
More hygienic — no more cleaning requiredbetter air flows
More hygienic — no more cleaning as requiredOptimal operational efficiency
Living and working environment is cleaner, making the air easier to breatheProlong the life of air conditioner unit
Good indoor air quality is positive for business productivityHelps maintain cleaner ducts

If you would like more information on how they can benefit your household or workplace please feel free to contact our office to discuss it further.